Common mistakes that freelancers will make

1. Working for free

Sometimes when doing work for friends and neighbours is done for free. Avoid it. You can offer them a discount(max 35%)

2. Believing future offers

Some may promise to give more projects in future, if a freelancer does the present one for lesser price. There'e no problem in believing. But just offer some discount not more than 5%. Say them that you may give them 10% discount on future projects, if any. It should be a win-win. You should work for money not a promise.

Example, I really appreciate your business with me, but my rates are fixed. However I can give you a 10% discount on that future project you have. I believe thats fair for both of us.

3. Considering freelancing as a hobby

This is the dangerous thing you might make. Take freelancing seriously. This neither a game, nor a hobby. It is a job. And you get paid for it. Be professionally. You should work harder than a day job. Wake up the earliest you can. Dress up the best you can. Work the most you can. Deliver the fastest you can.

4. Not being confident

It is the most important to be successful and also peaceful in life or business. You will loose opurtunities if you are not confident. Or the client might even take advantage of you

5. Not having a Schedule

To do the work effectively, you need proper planning ahead. Check emails 3 times a day. Let your clients know your email hours, so they know when to expect a response from you. Use social media as less as you can. Dedicate most of your time to the project. Assign some time to promote your business. Eat and take some rest. Use some time for learning too. Have some free time every day to relax and have a good personal also.

Your productivity and self esteem will increase when you follow a Schedule.

6. Not Saying NO

Don't say yes all the time. If you need to say no, just say NO. Extra work needs to get you extra money, don't compromise. But say NO politely.

7. No Marketing

freelancing is a business. You must promote your business.

8. Not asking for referrals

Ask your clients for referrals. Don't feel awkward about it. The worst response you get is as simple as "Sorry/ No" from the client. Ask for referrals when you are getting a good feedback on finishing a project.

Eg., Client: You did an excellent job, that's exactly what we wanted. You: Thank you, I always do my best to meet my Client needs, and its great when they notice it. I would really appreciate if you would accept these extra cards(business cards) so you can pass them along to anyone who may need my services.

9. Not keeping touch with former clients

Its always a best thing to work with a clients whom you know. Repeat clients are great way to grow your freelancing business. It is easier to work with Repeat clients. Many forget their clients when the job is done.

Add them to your social networks. Post regularly in those places. Congratulate them on their accomplishments(don't look intruisive) You can send digital cards(dont overdo). You can add them to your mailing list. Only send a short and direct message, but don't expect a response.

10. Not Saving money

You must have emergency savings for any technical issue or a personal health issue. So that you should not face any financial crisis. And also save money for vacations too.

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